Our Capabilities

It is our constant endeavour to upgrade and implement the latest and most advanced technology for smooth functioning of our facilities for uninterrupted production and seamless services.

At Kirloskarvadi, foundry set-up is equipped with a centralised pattern shop, mechanised sand processing system, automatic moulding machines and metal pouring system. There are independent units for cast iron, alloy steel and non-ferrous metals. The cast iron foundry is capable of producing a single casting weighting up to 7,000 kg and the steel foundry unit can produce castings of special alloy steels of international standards.

  • Cast Iron Foundry
  • Alloy Cast Steel Foundry
  • Non Ferrous Foundry
  • Replicast® Foundry

KBL has the necessary expertise to manufacture over 75 types of pumps with a flow capacity up to 120,000 m3/hr, head up to 1200 m and EPC capabilities, making it the leader in producing world's widest range of energy efficient pumps, including the smallest and the largest pumps in the world.

KBL has 14 manufacturing facilities with 7 outside India.

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Patent No Patent Date Title
7059341 13.6.2006 Discharge ducts for pumping water from a supply reservoir to a delivery reservoir
12/516,054 22.5.2009 Arrangement for pumping fluids from sumps
1941/MUM/2006 24.11.2006 Impeller Fitment assembly
143/MUM/2007 24.1.2007 A flow enhancing device for enhancing the flow rate of a pump
1236/MUM/2007 28.6.2007 Muff coupling assembly
1559/MUM/2007 10.8.2007 Auto priming of centrifugal pump
428/MUM/2008 29.2.2008 Power sources (DC Voltage converter to single and three phase AC voltage)
717/MUM/2008 31.3.2008 Condition monitoring system for a valve
1313/MUM/2008 24.6.2008 An anti-rotational fitting means for fitting a case wear ring to the casing of a horizontal split case pump
1314/MUM/2008 24.6.2008 An assembly for disengagement of an impeller from the shaft of an end suction solid handling pump
1315/MUM/2008 24.6.2008 An improved bearing assembly for a horizontal split casing pump
1316/MUM/2008 24.6.2008 Impeller fitment assembly
1317/MUM/2008 24.6.2008 Two stage horizontal split casing pumps
2672/MUM/2009 19.11.2009 Tamper preventing arrangement for kinetic air valves
2749/MUM/2009 27.11.2009 Improved sealing arrangement for pump
639/MUM/2011 8.3.2011 An integrated motor pump
1169/MUM/2011 7.4.2011 Dual voltage controllers