Our Strength

Innovations, Research, Engineering and Development

For us practising innovation is more important than being innovative.

We are always the exponent of implementing innovation in every segment of our business and no less than in our products.

We understand our market and it is our long-practised research methodology to study the market pain areas in order to give a direction to our innovative thought process. Once the requirement is clearly studied our engineering expertise is coupled with our innovation and design products accordingly.

We have 17 patents for innovative technology, including 2 US patents. Numerous research papers presented at International Conferences including American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

Our expertise stretch out to

  • Sump model testing and prototyping
  • Manufacturing world's largest CW system for Ultra Mega Power Plant in Mundra, India
  • Manufacturing large Split Case Pump in India
  • Manufacturing large Vertical Turbine Pump in India
  • Manufacturing world's largest Concrete Volute Pumps
  • Concept to commissioning of the world’s largest pumping station
  • Testing facility at one of Asia’s largest Hydraulic Research Centre