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Pressure Booster System/ Hydro-Pneumatic System/ HYPN System

Pressure Boosting Hydro-Pneumatic System (HYPN)

Types of Systems:

  • Constant Speed System – FX : Tank Filling Water Transfer, Residential housing, Small size commercial – Residential buildings

  • Cascade system – MX (Only 1 VFD common to all pumps) : Medium size commercial – Residential buildings, Demand based industrial applications

  • All Pump VFD system – EX ( all pumps having their individual VFD) : Townships, Hospitals, Airports, Malls, Metros, Demand based industrial applications


  • Pumps: Long & Short Coupled Pumps, Single & Double Suction Pumps Vertical Inline Single & Multistage Pump

  • Motors: EFF2, EFF1 & Higher Efficient

  • Control Panel: Wall & floor mounted panels

  • Energy Saving and Efficiency Sustainable Coatings: Glass flake coating on Pumps, Valves, Tanks, and Pipes etc.

  • Accessories: Skid (Suction and Discharge header, NRVs, Isolating Valves, Pressure Switch/ Pressure Transmitter), Pressurised tank, Solenoid valves, Float switches

  • Service Backup: 24x7 Service Backup, Energy Audit, O&M Contract, etc.

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