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End Suction Monobloc Pumps

These pumps can withstand voltage fluctuations from 180-240 volts. These have flatter efficiency curve for efficient operation. These are designed to prevent overloading and motor burning and automatic air release during priming.

  • Flatter efficiency curve for efficient operation
  • Designed to prevent overloading and motor burning
  • Designed for automatic air release during priming
  • Efficiency at par with international pumps
  • Dynamically balanced rotating parts ensuring minimum vibration during running
  • Class ‘B’/ ‘F’ insulation
  • Replaceable wearing parts
  • Models with IP55 protection
  • Air conditioning system
  • Refrigeration
  • Cooling towers
  • Fire fighting
  • Industries for clear water handling at high pressures
  • Capacity up to 20 lps
  • Head up to 110 m
  • Power rating 3.7 to 15 kW (5 to 20 HP)
  • Voltage 300-440 V (Three Phase)