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Energy Efficient SP Coupled Pumpset with IE4 Motor
Self Priming Pumps

Kirloskar SP coupled pumpset integrated with the latest IE4 Motor, which assures premium efficiency and high specific discharge. The next-gen pumping technology promises up to 14% less electricity consumption and comes with a lower operating cost.

  • Premium efficiency
  • High grade F-Class insulation with temperature rise limited to B-Class
  • High efficiencies achieved with AC induction motor design
  • Higher specific discharge (discharge rate per unit power)
  • CED coated impeller
  • Optimum fan and fan cover design
  • Non-clog impeller
  • Dynamically balanced rotating parts
  • Handling light chemicals, effluents, sewage, ash water, etc.
  • Handling light chemicals, effluents, sewage, ash water, etc.
  • Draining foundations, trenches and pits
  • Pumping water from docks, ports, vessels
  • Draining accumulated water from basements, Road, highways, parking lots, etc.
  • Cooling water for marine engines, shovels and piling equipment
  • Head range: up to 36 metres
  • Discharge range : up to 75 LPS
  • Power rating: 0.75-18.7 kW/ (1-25 HP)
  • Voltage range: 415 (+/- 10%)
  • Insulation: High grade F Class insulation with temperature rise restricted to B Class
  • Protection: IP55