KBL Launches JALHANSA – 0.5 And 1 HP Mini-Series Pump With Advanced Features

June 09, 2022

KBL launched yet another advanced mini-series pump, JALHANSA. The pump offers high efficiency and comes with an energy-saving design. It is available in two variants – Silver and Bronze, offering an array of advanced features.

Its Cathodic Electro Deposition (CED) Coating ensures corrosion resistance, and the dynamically balanced rotating parts provide minimum vibrations, reducing the chances of operational damage. Jalhansa comes with a lightweight body, high-efficiency and energy-saving design that is easy to maintain.

With enhanced safety features and high suction lift capacity, it is the perfect choice for domestic applications like water supply to gardens and fountains, feedwater & RO plants, construction sites, hotels, construction sites, lawn sprinklers and car washing. Jalhansa comes with a warranty of up to 18 months.

CIN NO. L29113PN1920PLC000670

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