KU6, KVM Pumps and K-Kleen 25 Inline Chlorinator Technology Launched

May 31, 2018

Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) reiterated its capabilities as the country’s leading provider of innovative pumping solutions tailored as per the changing customer requirements, by becoming the first Indian pump manufacturing company to launch the efficient KU6 - oil-filled 6” borewell submersible pump series and the revolutionary K-Kleen 25 chlorinator technology during FY 2018-19. The KU6 pumps are predominantly used in the domestic, agricultural and industrial segments while the K-Keen 25 chlorinator technology is suitable for assembling with Mini range of pumps for cleaning and improving water quality. Apart from the these two products, KBL also launched the Kirloskar Vertical Multi-stage (KVM) pump, a customised water-cleansing pumping solutions developed predominantly for use in RO plants during the same period.

These pumps were officially launched earlier in Mumbai and Ahmedabad and later in many prominent cities across the country.

CIN NO. L29113PN1920PLC000670

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