Kirloskar Brothers Limited Launches JALHASTI and JALTARA – 0.5 HP Mini Series Pumps with F Class Insulation

February 25, 2022

Kirloskar Brothers Limited has always been at the forefront of providing world-class pumping solutions to customers across the globe. We are glad to launch our new products, 0.5 HP Mini Series Pumps "Jalhasti" and "Jaltara" with 'F' Class Insulation and Cathodic Electro Deposition (CED) Coating that offers superior resistance against corrosion. These pumps come with a high suction lift capacity of 7.5 meters in the category and have high efficiency and energy-saving design, ensuring lower power consumption. With a head range of 6-36 meters, Jalhasti has a capacity range of 2900 to 820 LPH and Jaltara offers a capacity range of 3000 to 850 LPH, respectively. Their dynamically balanced parts ensure minimum vibration and consistent performance.

With enhanced features like a wide voltage range of 180-260 volts and thermal overload protection, the motor of these pumps is prevented from burning due to fluctuating voltages. Shielded ball bearing ensures low noise without external lubrication. These pumps' easy to maintain design can be serviced even by a semi-skilled technician and have fully covered electric parts for enhanced safety.

Jalhasti and Jaltara mini-series pumps are useful for a wide range of applications like Gardens & Fountains, Feedwater & RO plants, Domestic water supply, Construction sites, Overhead tanks in Bungalows, Car washing and Lawn Sprinklers.

With the launch of the Jalhasti and Jaltara 0.5 HP Mini Series Pumps, KBL has enhanced its offerings for customers in the mini pump series.


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