Sugar Industry


Sugar processing industry pumps

Sugar is an integral part of the food and beverages industry. There are a series of individual stages involved in the process of sugar-making, right from its extraction from sugarcane to its processing. All these stages involve the use of various types of pumps and valves for the concerned fluid management applications.

For more than 5 decades, KBL has been serving the sugar segment. The company has business associations with more than 500+ sugar plants all across India.

KBL offers pumps for almost all applications in the sugar industry, which include handling various types of juices, milk of lime, spray pond, condensate extraction, injection water, etc. KBL pumps are perfect match for other application like effluent transfer, condensation, juice recirculation, water and juice imbibition, sugar distilleries, etc.

Apart from our pumps, our widely popular Kirloskar valves are used for various fluid control applications in the sugar industry.


  • Imbibition Juice
  • Unscreened Juice
  • Screened Juice, Weighed Juice, Sulphited Juice, Phosphate Slurry, Milk of Lime,
  • Imbibition Water
  • Mud Recirculation
  • Filtrate, Caustic Soda
  • Clear Juice, Cake Wash
  • Condensate
  • Injection water
  • Hot  Water
  • Recirculation Juice
  • Syrup extraction, Sugar Melt
  • Effluent Transfer
  • Spray Water
  • Distillery

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