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Shri Laxmanrao Kirloskar and his core team with Sir Visvevaraya

Shri Laxmanrao Kirloskar checking the first Kirloskar Petter Engine

Shri Laxmanrao Kirloskar with Shri Shambhorao Jambhekar, Shri Ravindra, Shri N. W. Gurjar, Shri Shantanurao Kirloskar and Shri Rajaram Kirloskar

The function in Kirloskarvadi to celebrate 40 years of establishment

Shri Laxmanrao Kirloskar with Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru visits Kirloskarvadi (1940)

Inauguration ceremony of The Mysore Kirloskar Limited factory (1943)

Mass production at Kirloskarvadi

British team that came to evaluate Kirloskarvadi factory

Kirloskarvadi Railway Station

Shri Ravindra Kirloskar with Shri Laxmanrao Kirloskar and Shri N. K. Joshi (1940)

Textile machinery from Kirloskar Brothers Limited

Smt. Radhabai Kirloskar (next to the pillar in front) encourages Swadeshi

Shri Laxmanrao Kirloskar with Mahatma Gandhiji

Shri Ganesh Kale with Mahatma Gandhi

Raja of Aundh with Shri Laxmanrao Kirloskar at the exhibition in Pune

First Kirloskar Oil Engine (1927)

Kirloskar pump (1926)

‘Kalyan’ Peanut Sheller from Kirloskar Brothers Limited

Kirloskar Handpump

Furniture made by Kirloskar Brothers Limited

Shri Laxmanrao Kirloskar with the Raja of Aundh at the Kirloskarvadi vineyard

‘Kamal’ sugarcane crusher

Products of Kirloskar Brothers Limited at an industrial exhibition

Printing press at Kirloskarvadi

A Kirloskar Brothers product brochure from the 1930s

The First Registered Office of Kirloskar Brothers Limited (1920)

Members of the Managing Agency in the 1930s (KBL)

The original printing press and Kirloskar Khabar copy

Kirloskarvadi cricket team with Shri Laxmanrao Kirloskar

Shri Laxmanrao Kirloskar with his team in Kirloskarvadi

First factory shed of Kirloskar Brothers (1914)

The Kirloskar Bandhu team at Kundal Road (1903)

Kundal Road Railway Station

The moor at Kundal Road

Advertisement released in ‘Kesari’ and ‘Dnyanprakash’

An early iron plough (1903)

A chaff cutter made by Kirloskar Brothers (1901)

First Advertisements (1900)

Bicycle dealer Shri Laxmanrao Kirloskar (1891)

Shri Laxmanrao Kirloskar - ‘Henry Ford of India’

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