KBL Receives Patents for Innovations in Valve and Pump Technology

Mar 04, 2024

Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL) has recently achieved significant milestones in innovation with the reception of patents for two groundbreaking technologies. The first patent recognises KBL's pioneering shaft sealing mechanism in triple offset valves, marking a significant advancement in valve technology. This innovative design ensures exceptional leak tightness, thereby minimising fugitive emissions and contributing to environmental protection. With this achievement, KBL reaffirms its commitment to delivering superior performance and value to its customers across various industrial applications.

In addition to the valve technology patent, KBL has also been awarded a Certificate of Design Registration for designing two innovative components in the mini pump that enhance product functionality. The first component is the precisely engineered delivery casing of the pump that optimises the fluid flow, reducing energy losses and thus maximising its performance. The second one is the innovative design of the mounting casing volute which contributes to the pump's compact size enhancing operational efficiency, making it a reliable and user-friendly solution for diverse applications.

These patents and design registrations represent KBL's ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in engineering. By continually pushing the boundaries of technology, KBL strives to meet the evolving needs of its customers while driving positive environmental and societal impacts.

CIN NO. L29113PN1920PLC000670

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