Kirloskar Brothers Limited Earns Coveted GreenCo Certifications for its Manufacturing Plants

Jul 04, 2024

KBL’s Dewas and KPML facilities receive Gold certification, Kirloskarvadi receives Silver certification and Kaniyur & Sanand facilities receive Bronze certification

Kirloskar Brothers Limited (KBL), a leading global fluid management company, with a rich legacy spanning 136 years, proudly announces a significant achievement in its commitment to environmental sustainability. Dewas plant, the Company's second-largest facility established in 1962, has received the prestigious GreenCo Gold certification, Kirloskarvadi, the mother plant of the Kirloskar Group established in 1910, has received the GreenCo Silver certification and the Sanand and Kaniyur plants have received the Bronze certification. The Karad Projects and Motors Limited- a 100% KBL-owned subsidiary, has also received the GreenCo Gold certification.

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has been instrumental in promoting green practices within the industry. The GreenCo Rating system, developed by CII, evaluates companies based on their exemplary performance in resource conservation, renewable energy use, waste management, GHG emission reduction, green supply chain management and product stewardship.

These accomplishments reaffirm the Company’s dedication to upholding global best practices in products, services and operations. KBL constantly strives to implement policies to protect the environment by optimising the use of natural resources and reducing carbon emissions through initiatives such as waste recycling, rainwater harvesting, energy conservation and promoting renewable energy. As an industry leader, KBL remains dedicated to driving positive change and fostering a culture of sustainability and eco-conscious manufacturing.

CIN NO. L29113PN1920PLC000670

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